Rhinestone Machines for Sale

We are a bunch of engineers and programmers who figured out how to make these reliable rhinestone machines in Canada using over 65% USA made parts and suppliers.

We want you to be able to point your finger at simple icons and operate, calibrate and produce wicked rhinestone designs.

With these machines, you don’t need a rocket scientist or a PHD to learn the machine or the design software.

Here are a few videos to illustrate how to make these designs really quickly (We aren’t artists, so imagine your own artwork coming to life in its place).

Take a look at the machine in this video. It’s German (Austrian) built and all of the ones that we started selling back in 2003 are still running today!

Occasionally I get an opportunity to trade in a machine for various reasons. We go over them with a fine tooth comb as we put them into a production run and recondition any weak areas and put on a 1 year warranty as if new.

Our training involves flying in a technician to show you all the ins and outs of how to exactly operate and care for the machine.

Training is focused on setup, breakdown, setup, many times… As our robot will produce perfect junk as well as it can produce perfect product.

Setup is the key.

With the German made machines everything is different. It feels substantial and heavy duty yet simple. Exactly the feeling you get when you touch almost any made in German product.

Because it’s a used machine, it’s a fraction of the price new. I always used to kid people about buying a car. The first one who buys, pays – the second owner drives  -and the third owner repairs.

We only have used machines that we ourselves sold and only from the first owner as a policy.

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